Saturday, September 21, 2013

Authors: Prashant Das, Divyanshu Sharma
Publishers: SAGE Publications  | February 2014

Front cover of the book
Real Estate Finance in India‘ offers a concise yet comprehensive understanding of real estate finance in India. Functioning, instruments, and decision analysis related to home loans and residential mortgage banking is the central theme of the book. This knowledge is also extended to commercial real estate borrowing and secondary markets. The contents are organized to offer practically useful and theoretically sound knowledge of the subject matter. Real estate investors (institutional or individuals), academics, students, professionals, and generalist real estate enthusiasts will find the book useful for their learning and real-life applications. The book systematically progresses from basic financial concepts to more complex discussions (such as exotic home loan types and their analysis). Realistic scenarios, examples, expert opinions, illustrations, and, most importantly, hands-on financial exercises are extensively used to offer a concrete knowledge of the intricacies of finance. Beyond solved examples, the book also offers practice problems with answers so that a reader understands the financial instruments. Instructors are provided with PowerPoint presentations for the various chapters.
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